About me

My current research focuses on utilizing and developing novel molecular analyses, including qPCR and metagenomics, to characterize potentially pathogenic Vibrio spp.  in coastal marine ecosystems.

I completed my undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry at the College of Idaho in 2010, where I received a summer fellowship funded by the NIH to study the effects of the antimicrobial agent triclosan on osteoblasts. After graduation, I began a  master’s degree in biology with an emphasis in marine and estuarine science at the Western Washington University. I received an M.S. in 2014 with a thesis entitled “Quantitative PCR Analysis of Functional Genes in Iron-Rich Microbial Mats at an Active Hydrothermal Vent System (Loihi Seamount, HI)”.kelsey

Though I enjoyed my studies in hydrothermal vent microbial ecology at WWU, I’ve always been interested in studying human pathobiology. After hearing Dr. Rachel Noble talk about the impacts of pathogens on beaches on the radio program Science Friday, I became very interested in the intersection of marine sciences and public health and applied to be a doctorate student in her lab. I began my Ph.D studies with the Noble Lab in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall of 2014.